Primas Group is Officially an Avaya Devconnect Partner

Primas Group, an experienced software solution, software development, technology solutions, and professional services provider for contact center companies is officially partnering with Avaya, a leader in customer experience and Cloud Solutions for contact center businesses as Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner. This strategic alliance aims to enable Avaya customers and partners to directly order Primas’s software […]

WhatsApp Customer Service: A Guide to Using the App for Business Communication

WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool for businesses, especially those that provide customer service. With over two billion monthly active users worldwide, WhatsApp customer service delivery can be efficient and cost-effective way to resolve your customers issues and build relationships. WhatsApp Customer Service: A Guide to Using the App How to use WhatsApp for […]

Unlocking the Power of Post-Call Survey Software for Call Centers

Providing top-notch customer service can be the difference between retaining a loyal customer and losing them to a competitor. In fact, a bad customer service can break a company’s reputation. To ensure that they are providing the best possible service, many call centers are turning to post-call survey software. Unlocking the Power of Post-Call Survey […]

How To Deliver Quality Customer Service With Contact Center Automation?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, contact centers have become critical for providing exceptional customer service. As customer expectations grows, companies need to find innovative ways to enhance customer experience while reducing costs. One solution that has emerged as a game-changer is contact center automation. What is Contact Center Automation? Contact center automation is the method […]

The Must Have Omnichannel Call Center Features For Modern SME 2023

From Email to SMS: Primas Group bring to you the must-have Omnichannel Call Center Features for modern small and medium enterprise to give 5 stars customer services. I. Definition of Omnichannel What is a Omnichannel Call Center solution? An Omnichannel Contact Center Solution is an innovative type of customer service technology that helps your businesses […]

5 Ways Contact Center Software Can Help Small Businesses Improve Customer Service

In today’s digital age, customer service has become a critical aspect of any business. For small businesses, delivering top-notch customer service can be the difference between success and failure. Here are 5 ways contact center software can help small businesses deliver a great customer service. 5 Ways Contact Center Software Can Help Small Businesses Streamline […]

Top 5 Benefits of Implementing an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, it is necessary for you to offer a chat solution that lets your customers contact you via multiple channels, including social media, email, phone, and chat. An omnichannel contact center solution can help businesses meet these expectations while improving customer satisfaction and streamlining operations. In this blog post, we’ll explore […]

Customer Satisfaction Made Easy: The Benefits of Using Contact Center Software

In today’s business landscape, customer satisfaction is key to the success of any business. With the rise of social media and online reviews, negative customer experiences can quickly harm a company’s reputation. Fortunately, Understanding the benefits of using contact center software can be a game changer for your call agents. The Benefits of Using Contact […]