Simple Reasons Why Your Business Need Computer Telephony Integration?

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a technology that combines computers and phone systems, helping to optimize communications management in business environments. It helps your business improve performance and create a deep connection with customers. Let CTI make every call special and meaningful!

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

What is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?

CTI is a field in information technology that focuses on combining computer systems with telecommunications systems, primarily telephone systems. CTIs as business telephone system goal is to optimize and improve communication-related workflows between computer users and telephone services.

Benefits of CTI Solution for Business

Computer Telephony Integration currently has many functions that bring absolute optimal efficiency between users and businesses. But here we only focus on the 5 most popular functions for businesses:

Display caller information: When a call comes in, CTI can display information about the caller on the call recipient's computer screen. This enhances performance and provides important information as soon as the call begins.

Call forwarding: CTI allows users to forward calls without using the phone. This makes call handling quicker and more convenient.

Call recording: CTI can integrate a call recording function, helping to record important information or provide evidence in necessary cases.

Auto-Dial: The CTI system can be configured to automatically dial important cell phone numbers, saving time and minimizing user error.

Call data analytics: CTI provides the ability to analyze data from calls to evaluate performance, measure customer satisfaction, and improve work processes.

As for the benefits when applying them practically in businesses, we have:

Customer service centers: Businesses often use CTI to improve the customer experience when communicating with customer service centers. Primas Service is also one of the good choices for customers, it will definitely bring comfort and what you want.


Large-scale enterprises: Large enterprises often deploy CTI to manage a series of daily calls and optimize workflows.

Banking and finance: In the banking sector, CTI can be used to identify and verify customer information when they call.

Healthcare organizations: CTI can assist in managing calls between doctors and patients, providing important medical information when calls come in. Primas Healthcare Solution is one of the excellent examples of healthcare management solutions best for Hospitals, Clinics, RPM/Wellness, Pharmacy and more...

Telecommunication Company: Businesses in the telecommunications sector can use CTI to integrate telecommunications services with computer systems, providing features such as calling from a computer, concurrent service management, and Improved interoperability. Viettel is one of the typical examples of Telecommunications companies. They are the number 1 telecommunications brand in Southeast Asia and in the top 3 most valuable brands in the region because they have sustainably built corporate value, by balancing the needs of all. stakeholders: employees, investors and society.
Computer Telephony Integration


CTI is more than just the connection between computers and phones. It's the secret behind results and performance in call management. It is also a solution that lets you deliver a professional customer experience to improve your business system. With the ability to display detailed information about the caller right on the computer screen. Searching and accessing data is faster and more flexible than ever.