Primas Group is an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner

Primas Group is Officially an Avaya Devconnect Partner

Primas Group, an experienced software solution, software development, technology solutions, and professional services provider for contact center companies is officially partnering with Avaya, a leader in customer experience and Cloud Solutions for contact center businesses as Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner. This strategic alliance aims to enable Avaya customers and partners to directly order Primas’s software and solution applications from Avaya platforms or its distributors.

Primas innovative call center solutions will work with Avaya’s latest products for smoother deployments and will also offer custom and specialized support, compliance testing for our customers.

As a fully approved DevConnect Technology Partner, Primas went through close monitoring and rigorous testing procedures with Avaya to ensure its solutions are qualified to be listed in Avaya’s marketplace

In fact, the DevConnect partners undergo a “must comply” testing to make sure their solutions are compatible with Avaya’s technology requirement so that they can deliver high quality software services to customers.

Primas presence in Avaya’s DevConnect Marketplace will simplify the purchasing process for both partners solutions. 

Primas Group offers high end Contact Center Solutions which include our Primas CX core: 

A complete communication system to provide customers with a premium suite of solutions that will enhance their business operations.


It is important to note that the Avaya DevConnect program is all about listing and promoting the compliance-testing and marketing of powerful and innovative third-party solutions “only” that complies with Avaya solutions.

Avaya Devconnect Technology Partner - Primas Group
Primas Group is an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner

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