You have problems

Why need AI Self-Service?​

Customer expectation are higher

Customers are expecting 24/7 service whenever they need it, wherever they are.

Traditional chatbot and IVR is not enough

Legacy Chatbots are unable to resolve customers' requests. Everything comes down to your agents.

You do not have enough Agents

Your agent's time is wasting on answering the same common questions over and over again.


When do it right, you can achieve

Increate in CSAT
0 %
Self-service containment
0 %
Hours in saving Agent time
> 0 %

It should look like

Strong foundation with Chatbot and IVR. Then IVA.

24/7 human-like AI service to help your customers on omni-channel. Integrated deeply into your business data and flow.

Primas helps you achieve that using

Our robust Low-code Platform and Experts

Primas AI Self-Service Platform
Robust low-code platform
Low-code platform helps build flexible and easily to extend application.
Integrate deeply into your operational system and data system.
Build once and meet customer everywhere on Omni-channel.
Achieve IVA with our robust and flexible AI platform.
End-to-end Development Service
CX experts
End-to-end solution from Bot Requirement analysis, Design, Implement, Maintenance.
Super fast time to market by leveraging our low-code platform.
Platform-free: Deploy as standalone or Avaya Experience Portal...

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