Help more patients

Primas Understands Healthcare

Primas is an Independent Software Vendor focused on patient communications experience.  We deliver advanced solutions that change the way you think about patient engagement.  Your patients will LOVE you.

With highly advanced solutions becoming affordable to the masses, you can’t let your patients “swipe left”.

We’ve been adding self-service and automations to the patient experience process for years and know what it takes to give patients what they want.  At the same time, we free up you and your staff to take care of the important things.

Who We Serve

If you serve patients or members...
We Serve YOU.

Staff at Primas have been involved with some of the largest hospital systems in the world, along with the largest payers and national health systems.

We also work our magic with the opposite end of the spectrum as well. 
Our solutions scale to fit your needs.

Large or small healthcare system, Hospital, Clinic, or Clinic Group, RPM, Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, Big Pharma or even a Telemedicine provider.

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RPM / Wellness