Primas Group Launches Advanced AI Based Chatbot Solution

Primas Group Launches Innovative & Advanced AI Based Chatbot Solution

You are reading this blog probably because you are in need or looking for a software solution to optimize your customer service for your business. In this article, you will find out how Primas Group AI based chatbot solution can be beneficial to your business.

AI Based Chatbot Solution

At Primas, our experienced developers discovered something that is unique as they combined ChatGPT technology with our own chatbot solution. How it works is simple, our chatbot platform learns content on your website and utilize that information to generate responses or provide assistance based on user queries. Primas Chatbot can understand and generate text on a wide range of topics from your website which makes it a better that native AI based chatbot solution. With Primas AI based chatbot solution, your customers questions or guidance related queries on your website can be quickly solved after training our chatbot to learn your web contents. Feel free to check out our virtual agent in our Demo Page.

What makes our Chatbot powerful? 

  • Powerful visual designer tool to design AI chatbot flow without coding: Your team of agents will need no coding or technical experience to build a software that can help them optimize their daily routine. In fact, deploying our smart chatbot on your website will communication as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Our Chabot will answers your website visitor's questions and give access to information about the company in the fastest way possible. 
  • The bot flow can integrate with ChatGPT: We have a whole solution developed by our developers to make it easy for you to implement your own knowledgebase queries in one 1 minute. Meaning that the bot will learn your web content and provide accurate information as per user's request, please note that the bot will only reply to requests for products and services listed on your website. Our chatbot functions are built to be aligned to your goal, meaning that your organization and customers will both benefit from the bot to the maximum extent.
  • Multiple channels connection: Note that a single bot flow that you create can be connected to different contact channels including phone call, web chat, virtual assistant, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp and more.
  • Integrate chatbot to contact center to implement AI bot for contact center: You can also connect our chatbot with various platforms including social platforms and applications. On top of that, Primas Chatbot is designed and programmed to reply to users queries in short period of time, and this make users feel that they might be talking to a real person.
  • Integrate bot with Google DialogFlow: Add advanced conversational AI to your websites, applications, messaging platforms, and other contact center solutions. Our chatbot also offers a non-complicated design and a straightforward interface which makes it super appealing to users who access your website on their mobile devices.
  • The bot can be deployed in Cloud or on-premises: You have a choice of installing and running the bot in your own hardware infrastructure in your office or in your provider's storage also known as cloud software.
  • Thanks to our thanks to our no-code chatbot builder, you can easily integrate your bot with Speech to text and text to Speech engines such as Google Speech, Amazon Polly, Microsoft Speech, Soundhound and more. With the integration of ChatGPT into our solution, the bot can be networked within your company so that your customers can have access to relevant information from your existing website data records.

Advanced AI Based Chatbot Solution

With Primas Group's updated interactive agent, your business can automate customer journey to provide information, sell a product/service or collect leads in just a few clicks. Our virtual customer agent solution will help you route specific customers to the right team depending on visitors' need or queries. Our no-code chatbot solution can also send collected leads/emails directly to Primas CRM or inside the one you are already using without single line of code. Investing in Chatbot Solutions is the right move for your business to improve customer engagement and support while reducing costs.

AI & Chatbots Mixed!

The most important takeaway in this article is that our AI-powered virtual assistant a.k.a chatbot can transform your customer service by providing real-time assistance and personalized experiences. Our solution includes the combination of both Artificial Intelligence and chatbot technology solution and it offers some benefits as follow:

1 - AI-powered chatbots that can learn from user interactions, continuously improve their responses and provide personalized experiences.
2 - AI Based Chatbot Solution that handles complex queries and tasks, reducing the need for human intervention to enhance efficiency.

Overall, the combination of AI and chatbots leads to enhanced customer support, increased productivity, and improved user satisfaction which means greatness for your business.

In fact, Zendesk posted that consumers expect quick service, and their expectations for fast responses will only continue to grow. Bots ease agents’ workloads by helping customers find the answers they need. Unlike human agents, bots can answer multiple customer questions simultaneously, and with zero wait time.Primas Group Launches Advanced AI Based Chatbot Solution

In conclusion:

Custom built AI-based chatbots offer numerous benefits for businesses of type of size. Our artificial agent or chatbot provides 24/7 customer support and can improve customer satisfaction and retention. With the integration of an advanced AI solution, our chatbots can understand and respond to your visitors accurately, delivering personalized experiences and recommendations. AI empowers chatbots to handle complex queries and tasks, reducing the need for human intervention. Integration with AI enables continuous learning and improvement, ensuring better responses over time. For more info about innovative Contact Center Solutions, feel free to Contact Us now.

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