Healthcare Robots

Robot Assisted Healthcare provides the next generation of helpers.  Not just for simple task healthcare but for all manner of day-to-day tasks that increase productivity or lessen the workload.

As staff levels fall to an all-time low, robot assisted healthcare is being used to fill the gap.

From small companion-style robots that sit on a table or desk, to larger robots that can navigate different floors of a hospital.  With high-quality cameras they avoid running into obstacles (including people).  There’s lots of tasks a robot can do for you.

Say "Hey Primas" to Your New Best Friend

That’s right! “Primas” the robot, understands natural language, just like your other virtual assistants.  It is  way more helpful and can run autonomously if needed.  It can also be the physical extension of a remote human, from anywhere in the world.

“Hey Primas, can you collect the medication for this patient from the pharmacy please?”   How about having Primas help with intake, food orders, deliveries or checking the temperatures of visitors and issuing badges?

Primas can be programmed to perform hundreds of tasks.  Primas can also recognize faces, scan badges, take food orders or even watch over a fall-risk patient.  Any attempt to get out of bed will raise an alert.  
With an inbuilt infra-red camera Primas is able to detect human movement, even in the dark, and can help with many regular tasks.
Primas is an advanced communication tool so patients can have phone calls and video sessions.  Primas’ touch screen (face) and high-quality camera connects family and loved ones.   This is where robot assisted healthcare can cross vast distances.

Aged Care Companion Robot

While our aging population is increasing, so are the number of people aging at home and in assisted living facilities.
Our Aged Care Companion is the ideal helper and social tool to stay connected and making sure your loved one is managing their health and wellness correctly.

Robot Assisted Healthcare

Digital Therapeutics or DTx for short, is a key facilitator for improved  and ongoing wellness.  There are hundreds of wellness apps available that can be used in conjunction with Primas Aged Care Companion.  The most common ones are interactive memory games, speed and dexterity, vision and physical fitness routines.

Stay Connected

The Primas companion is secure, lightweight and connected.  Your loved ones can talk to Primas using natural language to make or take video calls and phone calls, remote doctor consultations, order meals or services, get crossword answers and even call for assistance if needed.

Primas’ interactive elements not only allow for things like medication reminders, bt can also show a picture of the box and the pill on screen.  In addition, any exercise routines, calendar events, daily updates and even therapeutic “brain improvement” applications

Many studies have shown that people prefer to live at home, and actually live longer, but loneliness becomes an issue, especially when the aged person lives alone.
It is vitally important to keep in touch with family and maintain connections to doctors and friends.  Having a companion in the house in the form of a Virtual Assistant can be a great asset

All of our companion robots are customizable and can include 24/7 helpline and nurse-call monitoring service options.
The Primas Aged Care Companion is small enough to sit on a bench or a bedside table.  The neck moves the head to follow you, so the screen is always in view.
Of course, our triage and vitals application runs onit as well.

Aging at Home

Aged care communities can have their own fleet of Primas Aged Care Companions helping staff to stay in touch and perform routine functions that take up a lot of staff time.  That’s not to say that there is no 1:1 staff time, in fact, having a robot take care of the mundane and repetitive tasks allows more quality time to be spent with those who need it.

By networking the robots to a central administration point, the facility can manage individual routines and set guests up on wellness plans and set individual alerts.  A call button on the robot also allows for guests to call to connect to a predetermined location, like a nurse station.
Not only will you have a happier guest and family, but happier staff as well.

Aged Care Communities

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