Hospital Communications

Hospitals and healthcare organizations today face the challenge of managing ever-increasing patient demands while striving to deliver optimal care.
Enter Primas Group, the next-generation contact center and communications software, specifically designed to help hospitals boost efficiency, lower costs, and create better outcomes for patients across a broad spectrum of needs

Revolutionizing Hospital Efficiency and Patient Experience

We know that hospitals are complex organizations and do the best they can to handle a widening variety of patient needs.

That’s where Primas becomes the “glue” that connects disparate workflows for communications.

Today the healthcare journey requires more communication that ever before and there are a lot more moving parts to keep track of.

We've Got Connections Covered

We pride ourselves on our vendor agnostic approach and leading edge development capabilities.

Key Examples

Appointment Management

Missed appointments & No-Shows can significantly impact the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery. Our automated appointment reminder & management system sends timely notifications to patients via their preferred mode of communication – SMS, email, or phone call. This not only reduces no-show rates but also allows healthcare providers to optimize their schedules and enhance overall productivity.

Our intelligent appointment management automates the entire process whether it is an inbound request or an outbound reminder or follow up.  Primas can also interact with your EHR to intelligently book and reschedule appointments, even based on your individual provider protocols.
Once you set the rules, we take care of the rest.  Don’t worry, if we detect that a patient would rather talk to a live person, we can do that too and remember their preferences.

Billing & Collections

Efficient and accurate billing is crucial to maintaining a healthy revenue cycle. With our integrated billing module, hospitals can automate and simplify the entire billing interaction. From finding charges from guarantor numbers to offering customized payment plans and tracking payments through payment gateways, Primas Group ensures a hassle-free experience for both patients and staff, ultimately leading to improved financial performance.

Of course we integrate to your billing system and comply with all of the regulations such as TCPA.

You will be surprised at how cost effective and efficient an automated self-service system is when patients don’t need to interact with a real human.
You might also be surprised at how much small value revenue is outstanding that should have been collected, but for a simple automated contact as a reminder, follow up and payment option.

EHR Integration

Seamless integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems is a vital component of modern healthcare management. Primas Group’s software is designed to connect with your existing EHR, allowing for real-time data exchange and unified access to necessary patient information. This results in a more streamlined workflow, improved patient care, and reduced administrative burdens. 
We work with you and your EHR provider to make sure all elements are integrated correctly.  No matter which EHR you use, or how many, talk to us.  We can help.

Billing can be a very touchy subject and we understand that healthcare needs more options than most.  That’s where Primas brings all of the components together to make each touch unique.  Some patients don’t even know there is a bill, others need a couple of reminders and some different options.  Primas offers a wide range of options for billpay self-service that you can trust.  

Remote Vitals Collection

Vitals Anywhere & Anytime

Use the camera on a smartphone, tablet or PC to collect vitals anywhere, anytime.  Automatically check in on your patients and escalate anything that might need attention. Our sequenced Triage and Vitals formula can even load onto a Self-Service Kiosk or robot.

Primas solutions are vendor agnostic, which means we work with anyone.  Our Over-The-Top (OTT) software, layers on top of and around current vendors and not only integrates with them but enhances their functionality. .

It doesn’t matter to us how many EHRs or phone systems you have, there are usually multiple options available.  Our team will help advise on the best options to get the most value from your solution.  We are vendor agnostic so we can advise the best route to take.

Great question. We are finding that many hospital customers need to keep some survivability alive inside the hospital walls in the event of a disaster.  We understand Level 1 Trauma requirements and have designed systems to cater for some of the worst possible events.  Primas operates both in a pure cloud and a private cloud scenario with local survivability in the event of a disaster.

Many Primas solutions are pre-built, so there is less work to do and the cost is lower.  We also install in a matter of days rather than weeks or months, so you can be fully operational faster and your ROI kicks off quicker.