Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM technology improves patient outcomes and cuts costs.

What are you waiting for?

RPM is growing year over year as more and more providers and patients see the benefits.  One estimate puts the global RPM market at $1.7 Billion by 2027.  The same article shows over 70 Million RPM users in the U.S. alone by 2025.
RPM isn’t replacing doctors but giving them remote tools and data to allow better decision-making.  It also provides the ability for patients to participate in their own healthcare.

Data at your fingertips

No Device - No Worries

Primas RPM Portal

Using the Primas RPM Portal to manage your patients is a breeze.  Our HIPAA compliant secure cloud-based database manages everything you need.  As an RPM, you get your own separate cloud instance of our RPM Portal.  Your data is YOUR data.  You can give access to your doctors, but they can only access their own patient data.

Primas RPM manages patient vitals by adhering to schedules and tracking activity against schedules.  If a patient misses any checks, we automatically adjust the schedule to meet the required number of checks for the period.

We adapt to fit your needs.  If you just want to take vitals, we can do that.  If you want to add services like chronic illness management or wellness management, we can work with your team or introduce you to some of our existing RPM companies.

Our RPM Portal allows you to add patients to the schedule and we do all the communications and vitals gathering, along with a set of reports validating when each test was taken .

Even better… we can also upload data to your EHR / EMR.

CPT Codes

We help manage your CPT code compliance for billing cycles by calculating frequency and number of tests required within the billing cycle.

Remote Vitals Collection

Vitals Anywhere & Anytime

Use the camera on a smartphone, tablet or PC to collect vitals anywhere, anytime.  How about collecting intake information prior to a telemedicine call by looking into the camera.  Our sequenced Triage and Vitals formula can even load onto a Self-Service Kiosk

Personal Wellness Tracking

BioMarkers Anywhere & Anytime

Tracking vitals for your personal use, whether it is losing weight, managing your stress levels, blood pressure, blood sugar or other biomarkers, having a history of vitals checks can indicate your wellness trajectory over time and help you keep on track.  You are probably not getting a health check every day, but you can easily spend a minute with your phone to get an idea of how you are trending. 

No.  Our RPM portal is in a secure cloud environment.  All you need to do is log in.

Security is our top concern.  You can allow doctors to log-in but under the doctor role, they will only be able to see the records for their own patients.  Other doctors can’t see anyone else’s patient data.

In simple terms, the cell phone camera video feed can reveal varying elements of blood flow, seen in different parts of the light spectrum and analyzed to deliver the readings.  

More technically there is a unique mix of signal processing and AI technologies, combined with a proprietary mathematical back-end to analyze a signal taken from exposed skin on the surface of a human face. It applies motion compensation and illumination normalization and supports any gender and skin color. The health parameters extraction is based on a remote photoplethysmography rPPG or PPG signal (using the touch of a finger on the smartphone or tablet’s rear camera for challenging environmental conditions like complete darkness).

Our service is designated as a Medical Device under the FDA.  FDA Approval is in process for a number of the partner elements used in the sequence.  As more are added, they will be added to the list for approval.  Different applications within the sequence have their own approval processes and they can vary from country to country.  Certifications and Approvals are always being updated.  

RPM services are reimbursable by Medicare under several CPT codes.  The reimbursement more than covers the cost of our vitals testing.   Ask about options for pain reporting and other communications elements we can help with.