Automatically reconnect disconnected calls to the same agent

In today’s world where approximately 80% of all calls are initiated from a mobile device, disconnected calls are more prevalent than ever – despite your best efforts. With Primas ReconX, you can plan for those unexpected drops and provide a way to take excellent care of your customers when they occur.

How it works

ReconX provides 2 ways to reconnect, with the same result of connecting the repeat caller with the original agent.

Agent Initiates Reconnect

  • If a caller is disconnected while speaking with an agent, a small pop-up window appears on the agent’s screen
  • The agent then has a configurable amount of time (usually 3 seconds) to click the button
  • Upon clicking, Primas CX FreedomQ automatically places an outbound call to the disconnected caller, verifies the person, and then reconnects to the SAME agent

Caller Initiates Reconnect

ReconX allows the caller to easily reconnect without fear of reaching a different agent and having to re-start the conversion.

  • The disconnected caller simply re-dials the number
  • ReconX recognizes the inbound call and provides a personal greeting with the Welcome Back feature
  • If the call is related to the previously disconnected call,
  • ReconX reconnects the caller to the SAME agent or Department

​Either way, call reconnection is as easy as 1-2-3!

Benefits to your Organization

  • Customer - reduces the frustration of having to re-explain the nature of the call to multiple agents
  • Agent – improves performance and morale
  • Operations – reduces costs of hold time, longer calls, tolls, and infrastructure requirements
  • Everyone – increases customer retention and builds loyalty

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