CTI Services


Leveraging Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for the best business results in customer contact centers requires sound technical infrastructure, cooperation between equipment suppliers, and insight into how to leverage the solution to optimize business results. Primas offers the breadth and depth of skills required to deliver robust CTI Integration solutions that help businesses to achieve their goals. We integrate software applications with technology to create elegant problem-solving business solutions.

Some common requests are:

  • Screen Pop
  • IVR Integration
  • Voice/Data Transfer
  • Data Directed Routing
  • Knowledge and Skills-based Routing
  • Enterprise-level Pre-Routing
  • Telephone Control using the Primas Telephony Toolbar
  • CTI/IVR application design
  • Project management
  • CTI design, CTI development

How We Work

Primas approaches a Computer Telephony Integration engagement by analyzing a client's overall contact center needs, versus merely focusing on a segment of the call flow. With ROI and customer satisfaction as our stated goal, the majority of our solutions include Computer Telephony Integration, as well as IVR, application development design and improvement, speech application design, reporting and other contact center technologies.

Platform Independence

Regardless of the CTI server product you choose, Primas is here to implement the solution you require. Do you have an existing CTI solution? Primas can optimize and (delete enlarge) expand that solution to incrementally improve your ROI and customer satisfaction. Our supported platforms include:

  • Avaya Red
  • Avaya Blue (Nortel)
  • Cisco
  • Asterisk

We work with any vendor to improve your CTI/IVR applications and customize them to maximize your call center design for highest profitability and performance. When you are looking for a partner that creates problem solving business solutions think of The Primas Group.