Evolution FCR

Evolution FCR

Combines specialized treatment for repeat callers or omni-channel interactions while simultaneously capturing FCR analytics

Key components for Today and for the Future ​

  • TODAY: Immediately provide specialized treatment for repeat contacts based upon their previous interactions, and apply emotional intelligence for the current interaction.
  • TODAY: Capture analytics to determine root causes.
  • FUTURE: Fix root issues to achieve a higher FCR rate.

What Makes Evolution FCR Unique?

A unique holistic approach that focuses on real-time events and, at the same time, lays groundwork for future FCR.

Most FCR initiatives solely focus on analyzing repeat callers/interactions to find the root causes of the callback, which takes time. Evolution FCR does that and more. We include a package and methodology often overlooked by traditional solutions, that immediately handles repeat callers or omni-channel interactions.
Evolution FCR addresses 3 touchpoints:

  • IVR – Greets repeat calls/interactions with a friendly salutation: “Welcome Back. Would you like to return to the same agent/department? . . .”
  • Agent – Greets repeat calls/interactions with greater empathy: “Welcome Back, I see you’ve contacted us previously. . . “
  • Company – Surveys customers to apologize for inconvenience of having to make repeated contacts and asks for their assistance in describing the cause.

Evolution FCR is an innovative solution that can dramatically improve your contact center’s performance while instantly addressing CSAT. It’s easy to implement, addressing your FCR initiative in less than a week!

How Evolution FCR Works

  • Monitors CTI and omni-channel interactions to capture and store contacts’ phone numbers into a database.
  • Upon recognition of a repeated phone number, Evolution FCR intercepts the interaction with a specialized repeat contact treatment.
  • Uses previous interaction for streamlined routing which bypasses standard new caller/interaction treatment.
  • IVR application looks up previous transaction for identification of prior agent/department.
  • Detailed reports at the DNIS, Skill Set, and Agent level. Return to last agent option creates call/interaction continuity and reduces total talk time.
  • Alternatively routes calls/interaction to more skilled agents for specialized repeat caller treatment.
  • Follows customer journey with “Experience Pop” on agents’ desktops that display interaction history.
  • The post-Contact Survey option provides information to help improve CSAT and overall contact center excellence.

First Call Resolution (FCR) with Primas Group

Why First Contact Resolution?

“Repeat callers typically account for 30% - 40% of all incoming contact center calls, and they double or even triple the cost of supporting your customers.” 

First contact resolution is one of the most important goals of the customer experience journey – to resolve customers’ problems, questions or needs the first time they call, with no follow-up required. According to research by The Ascent Group, 60% of companies that measure FCR for 1+ years, report as much as 30% improvement in their performance. And that doesn’t even touch on improvements to the customer experience.

First Call Resolution

Evolution FCR

Evolution FCR | First Call Resolution (FCR) with Primas Group

Evolution FCR | First Call Resolution