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First Call Resolution 




First Call Resolution Information and Tools

Welcome to our collection of information & tools that seek to help you measure and improve First Call Resolution in your contact center.

In order to help you get to the right resource as efficiently as possible, select the statement that best describes your need.

Before we go further, here are a couple compelling statements from recent studies on First Call Resolution

Most Companies Actively Measuring First Call Resolution Are Experiencing Improvement

                                                                                    - Ascent Group Study Report 2010

A 15% improvement in FCR results in a 57% reduction in repeat calls

                                                  - Frost & Sullivan “FCR and the Revenue Generating Center” 2009


The remainder of this page will explore the following approaches to first call resolution improvement

FCR Improvement via Process Improvement

Before we begin, it is worth mentioning a few of the issues that affect First Call Resolution rates in the call center.

That being said, the following four step process is simple to follow and will, if continued, yield measurable results across your organization.


In the haste to improve First Call Resolution, many organizations make the mistake of measuring too few elements. In order to have a more effective effort, be sure to measure what is beneficial to your customers and for your industry. Today’s advanced contact center technology can assist you in many beneficial ways.


Much like the mistake of measuring too little, a narrow analytical focus can often lead to missed opportunities in improving First Call Resolution; make sure to get the most out of your existing data.


When seeking to improve First Call Resolution, team work is essential to change in the contact center. Shared insight and ownership into both challenges and victories assists greatly in achieving your goals.


As customer trends change, so do the demands on the contact center. You can maintain and continue to advance your success in obtaining your First Call Resolution goals by implementing the data from your completed analysis.


Your customers will always want to talk with a live agent to address their needs and will continue to utilize the phone to contact you. Achieving First Call Resolution is possible and while you are attaining your First Call Resolution goals you are combining the very best of business practices. You will automatically improve customer satisfaction and loyalty when that first call is handled properly and the customer is completely satisfied. Other best practices naturally follow like improved quality, service, and cost reductions.

FCR Improvement via Second Call Treatment

First call resolution is an important contact center KPI, and a measurement of your operational success. Second Call Treatment, a repeat call tracking process, is another powerful FCR tool. It allows a business to define a second call treatment range, track FCR rates and automatically collect caller information that can be used to determine root causes of problems. Repeat call tracking differs from other FCR measurements because:

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FCR Improvement via automated software - Evolution FCR

Answering the following questions may help you determine if a software approach to FCR improvement will benefit your call center.

Question #1:
Do you have the information you need to effectively perform root cause analysis of the issues that hinder first call resolution?

Primas' Evolution FCR software provides an easy way to automate measurement of first call resolution in your call center.

Out of the box reports make it easy for you to understand and positive and negative contributors to your call center's FCR rate - making it easier to pick your battle.

Additionally, Primas' Evolution FCR, exception reports provide the clues you need to investigate performance issues by agent, agent group, department, DNIS as well as customizable ranges.


Question #2:
Do you have a way to track and treat your repeat callers?

Evolution FCR will tell your agents and supervisors about your repeat callers

This innovative approach to first call resolution allows you to implement a "rubber hits the road" second call treatment plan that enables improvement TODAY!

Think about the impact this can have on your agents, customers and performance!

What if you could alert your agents to the fact that they are receiving a call from a repeat caller?
Would this change the level of care that caller receives?

What if you could ask your repeat callers the reason for their call?
Would this increase your chances of changing a potential defector into a loyal advocate?

The impact repeat callers have on your call center and business should not be over looked for the following reasons

Click the following to learn more about automated first call resolution improvement with our Evolution FCR turnkey software solution


Primas Evolution FCR is an innovative, enabling solution that helps improve First Call Resolution through real-time second call treatment. Learn more about First Call Resolution with Evolution FCR

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