Post Call Survey

Post Call Survey Agent
  • Obtain Immediate Customer Feed Back about your customer service and products
  • Enhance your agent training through Customer Feed Back

… Ultimately, the customer’s evaluation of issue or contact resolution is what matters most…

…After-call surveys provide fairly immediate customer satisfaction feedback which can be easily incorporated into a FCR measurement program
                                                                                – Ascent Group Study Report 2017

The Primas Post Call Survey Solution is an automated performance and first call resolution application that provides customer feedback and insight about their call center experience. The PPCS provides for immediate and anonymous agent feedback to ensure an accurate depiction of your customer service, while minimizing call center administrative costs.

Post Call Survey Benefits

Post Call Survey Features

Our post call survey solution enables you to establish an automated process of receiving call center customer feedback. This automated, in-house solution has an excellent ROI with significant savings from automation, quality and first call resolution improvements, customer and employee satisfaction. In the end, it helps reduce operating costs, and gives your customers the opportunity to leave you valuable information about their recent experience when interacting with your contact center representatives.

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