Improved customer experience without changing your technology

What if you could easily and effectively improve your customer experience without enduring the time and risk that comes with adding additional technology?

What if, with a few minor modifications to you existing systems you could offer your customers personalized service that truly makes a difference to them, your agents, and your operations?

With LinkScope QE you CAN do this, quickly and easily

- with minimal time invested by your operations team

- with your existing equipment

- without waiting for days, weeks or months to see measureable results

The following diagram highlights just how easily LinkScope QE overlays into your contact center.

LinkScope - Enable Enable your Contact Center
  • Call Recording Integration
  • Call Path Analytics
  • System Monitoring
LinkScope - Empower Empower Agents & Supervisors
  • First Call Resolution Tools
  • Real-Time Performance Feed Back
  • Call Tracing
LinkScope - Enhance Enhance your Customer's Experience
  • Screen Pop Provides Faster Service
  • Convenient Call Back Option Provides Flexibility
  • Customer Surveys give Customers a Voice

LinkScope's Innovative Technology

Learn How it Works

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