Primas FreedomQ

Primas FreedomQ
  • Convenience for your Customers
  • Peace of Mind for Your Agents

The Challenge

Despite your best efforts to staff appropriately, you will, inevitably, run into situations where the call volume exceeds your agent's ability to take care of your customers in an ideal way. When this happens, three things typically happen:

The Solution

To address this issue, Primas has developed FreedomQ, an intelligent queue management innovation that utilizes components of your existing infrastructure to deliver the customer experience and operational efficiencies that your organization requires.

How it works

Primas FreedomQ monitors your queue and watches for those times when the hold time for customers reaches an unacceptable length. At this point, new callers are advised of the hold time and asked if they would like FreedomQ to hold their place in line. If they agree, callers may then hang up and receive a call back when it's their turn to speak with an agent.

When callers hang up, FreedomQ continues to monitor the queue. When it recognizes that it is the callers turn to speak with an agent it automatically places an outbound call to the caller and then connects them to the next available agent.


By utilizing this innovation contact centers realize several immediate benefits:

Additionally, businesses have the added benefit of increasing the utilization and return on investment of their existing equipment.

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