Primas’ 20 plus years in the customer contact center business has taught us a thing or two about the challenges you face. While Primas began as a consulting company, we soon realized that certain key products and client needs were not being met or were missing from the market.

As the trusted business partner for many of the top customer contact centers, we have direct access to client issues and problems that enable us to develop beneficial solutions with our client’s future success in mind.

Primas’ feature pack is designed for seamless / transparent implementation and is compliant with all industry technology standards. Primas rolls out with pre-implementation testing, day-to-day support and customized reports.

According to Gartner Research, "organizations that prioritize the customer experience generate 60% higher profits than their competitors." Remember, 96% of customers who have a bad experience don't report it and 91% of unhappy customers take their business elsewhere.

When you desire to offer a richer customer-contact experience and minimized customer pain-points, think Primas.

Primas’ enhanced feature-pack of call center productivity products:

Whether you only need help with one of our products such as First Call resolution, virtual queuing, enhanced screen pop or surveys Primas has a team that is able to help you improve the performance of your customer contact center that will translate to improving the bottom line of your company.