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Primas Launches Creative Solution Addressing First Call Resolution Issues

·         Real-time Application Offers Second Call Treatment Options for Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2010 -- The Primas Group, a leading provider of contact center services and products announced today the launch of Evolution FCR™ software, a new approach for handling repeat callers and retaining customers. First Call Resolution (FCR) is a key measurement of success in the customer contact industry. One key fact is that FCR can be difficult to achieve because there are so many variables that even the best organized customer call centers struggle to overcome.
Primas can help with Evolution FCR, a cost effective and simple solution to handle repeat callers. Easy to implement, Evolution FCR has five unified steps to process and handle repeat callers. The solution can even be customized to meet specific contact center needs.

“Our goal is to offer beneficial, relevant products and services for today’s sophisticated contact centers,” said Mike Mastro, President of Primas. “Providing Evolution FCR lets our clients give their customers a high touch, personal experience, almost like being remembered at your favorite neighborhood store, when for whatever reason, they have to call back into your center. This is an approach that customers who demand better service for their continued loyalty want and appreciate.”

Evolution FCR identifies repeat ANI’s and provides a different experience when repeat customers are greeted in the IVR. It can also eliminate the IVR menus from the repeat caller’s initial experience and transfer them directly to either the agent or the department they selected the last time. The agent is provided with a real-time pop-up window so they can understand the caller’s previous experiences and dynamically apply second call treatment. After the call is completed an immediate callback to do a quick survey can be initiated.

Upon completion of the survey, management now has the tools to separate the repeat callers into two profiles: 1) Call types that will always require repeat calls and therefore would appreciate the streamlined process, and 2) First Call Resolution improvements. These are the calls that should have been handled on the first call but somewhere in the existing process there are improvements that need to be addressed.

Visit Primas and learn more about Evolution FCR and other Primas products and services at Call Center Week, Booth #J, Las Vegas, Nevada, June 16, 2010.

About Primas        
Primas is a leading contact center products and professional services company designing and implementing multi-platform data integrations and solutions for over 15 years. Our OEM expertise leverages and enhances legacy infrastructure and assists with cost effective, new and migratory planning focusing on CTI, IVR and speech application development and implementation. For more information please visit or call 888-477-4627.

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