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The Primas Group has provided application development, software solutions, and professional services to some of the largest contact centers in the industry since 1994.

Our customers choose us because of our comfort in multi-vendor environments, our experience, quality, reliability, Supported Platformships with industry veterans and leaders, and our insistence on putting our customer's business needs ahead of technology.

Why Primas?

We aim to partner with you and understand that contact center technology is ultimately a means to an end - to ensure the continued growth and success of your business through satisfied customers and efficient operations.

This attitude, combined with our team, experience and solutions, helps us work with you to bring your contact center to the level of access and ease today's busy customers expect.

Our proven technology solutions help enhance the customer experience resulting in improved satisfaction and reduced customer defections. We use tools to maximize your existing infrastructure that also translate to increased ROI. Our easy to implement products work with premises and cloud based technologies Read More

Product Focus |

Because dropped calls happen, Primas has developed a solution that automatically detects the fact, places an outbound call to get your customer back on the line, and then reconnect them to the agent that was helping them.

Learn more about our ReconX Solution

Product Focus |FreedomQ

FreedomQ is a convenient customer call back package using intelligent call management for improved customer satisfaction.

Learn more about FreedomQ

Product Focus |ePop

Implement world class screen pop using incoming caller detail in as little as one day to increase customer retention.

Learn more about ePop



Product Focus |
Evolution first call resolution

Proactive notification tools that empower Contact Centers to achieve real-time first call resolution improvement by providing agents with the caller’s history and recent experiences.

Learn more about Evolution FCR

Product Focus |Post Call Survey

Automatically survey callers based on parameters such as long hold times, repeat calls and number of transfers for in depth intelligence.

Learn more about Post Call Survey

Product Focus |LinkScope QE

LinkScope QE is a quality enhancement suite that provides a customizable web service enabled CTI data warehouse and multi-channel queue management. We have experience with complex system integration, CTI/IVR application design and so much more to assist you in providing enhanced customer service to your customers.

Learn more about LinkScope QE

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